Anne Lester Boyd and Stinky(Harry Davis)

The CIS group
Cheap International Set

Lois Kelly Dunn, Fifi LaBine, Nettie Miller,
Carol Burt, Anne Boyd Lester and
Ouida Porter LaRue.


The CIS group (Cheap International Set),
as we called ourselves in the early 60's,
kind of corny now but fun so many years
ago! In order Lois Kelly Dunn, Fifi LaBine,
Nettie Miller, Carol Burt, Anne Boyd Lester
and Ouida Porter LaRue. We used to have a
lot of reunions on the West Coast but mostly
it was people that were either still with
ONA or had left and had flown on the
West Coast.

It is almost like two separate airlines.
I was lucky enough to be involved with both
but I started at the end of the glory days
of ONA in Oakland, CA.

ONA had been the largest of all the supplemental
air carriers and was second only to TWA. I made
a few trips at the end of our military contract
to Tokyo, Okinawa, and Bangkok and then fur-
loughed, called back and then we did a few trips
to Europe but mostly we went on CAMs ("Chartered
Air Movement " for the military) and moved to
New York. We would sometimes spend a week in such
wonderful spots as Columbus, Georgia, Waco, Texas,
San Antonio, Texas, Omaha, Nebraska, etc.

We were paid a wopping $250 a month plus per
diem of $12.50 a day. Imagine trying to exist
on that now. Then two years of bankrupcy and
back to New York. Only Teddy, Fifi and I came
from the West Coast and we lived in this goofy
little apartment in Jamaica because it was
close to the airport.

Ouida Porter LaRue and Nettie at Wake Island in 1965!

The Dancing Dog team

I always tell the story of when we first went
were first called back to ONA.
Bevo Parham was then chief stew and we had one
DC-6 airplane, 3 stewardesses and no charters or

The military came to check us out for CAMs and
military contract flights and Bevo mentioned Teddy,
Nettie and Fifi and the sergeant said:
"Are those your dogs?" She of course replied "No,
those are my stewardesses!"
We were known as the Dancing Dog Team.
Other local ONA stews were recalled such as Marilyn
White and Laurie Frattini and then Steedman went off
to Sweden to search for new talent, always being
impressed by the few Swedish gals we had before
such as Britt Carlson and others.
We got new jets and then


I would not give up one second of any of my days
with ONA! How very lucky to have known such wonderful
people as Steedman Hinckley and all the other pilots,
crews and stews and how lucky we were to have been
able to live as "Free Spirits" as Steedman used to
call us. I feel almost sorry for the flight attendants
that are flying about in this crazy world today.

How lucky that Paul was able to contact Fifi and
me and that we all are now on e-mail.

Greetings Nettie Miller