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My first flight as a stewardess 
for Overseas National Airways 
by Lillemor Ostlund Garsten

(typed from Lillemorīs handwritten diary dated as below!)

Lillemor and Rose Marie Neuber at Lebanon, Beirut
July 9 - 10, 1966 In the morning I was informed that I was going out on a flight at 4 pm to Texas. I called ONA operations on the phone and they said that we did not have to check in until 2 pm. At 1.45 pm I arrived at the ONA office. There we found out that the flight was delayed some more and we would not check out until 4 am. Goran Wramback (only male Swedish steward!) who was on the flight with me and I, then tried to get a room at the Holiday Inn, which we had no luck in doing and there was no point in returning home. So we slept in Janetīs office. (Janet Irwin, Chief stewardess) It was terrible but we woke in time, on with the uniform and out to the airplane just to find out it was still not ready to board so we had breakfast at a Dinerīs and then out again to the airplane. Someone was mistaken with a radio message and we had to wait some more. Finally a group of French young people were allowed on board, some 12-13 hours late. Goran Wramback, Elisabeth Gustavsson, Fifi aBine and I were in the cabin which meant we were one cabin crew short to serve a full load.
Flying time to Brownsville Texas was 3 hours. 
Onboard everything went just fine. 
I felt as if I had been a stewardess all 
my life! It was an easy flight, not much 
work. In Brownsville we let the passengers 
off. It was terribly warm and damp. 
Then we went on directly to Fort Worth 
to take a full load of Americans 
who were mad because of the long delay. 

We worked like animals and we still did 
not do anything in time. People were 
standing in the aisles screaming and 
making noise. Kidīs were sick to their 
stomacks as we passed right in the middle 
of a rainstorm, but we didnt have time 
to think about that, altho we were more 
above the floor then on it due to the 
turbulence. But I thought it was a whole 
lot of fun!! When we arrived to New York 
we hadnt slept for almost 40 hours!
This was my first flight!

Lillemor at left (wearing red shoes) at ONA Friendship Reunion in New York 25 October 2003

July 11-12, 1966

I checked in at ONA operations at 3 pm. Conny, Beverly and I commercialed to Montreal. Well there we went around town for hours, had dinner, looked in stores and did sightseeing at the airport and then went and changed into uniform. At around 10 pm Mary Jayne van Vorst and Ingrid Mjornell Hinckley arrived with another commecial flight and we took off with the DC-8 loaded with French students. At 2 pm local we arrived at San Antonio Texas - it was warm and terrible. We just passed thru customs, went on board the airplane and checked supply. We ferried with an empty airplane to Los Angeles, slept a little and woke up to a wonderful morning with a fantastic view over the mountains. It was now the 12 July and 7.30 am, a little cool in the air. We went to a place to have breakfast then again checked in on board. Passengers arrived and we were flying to London UK. A lot of little children but they were good. Everything went fine tho pax were grumpy because of the 2 hr delay. We worked hard and Mary Jayne said it went well. We flew back to Montreal Canada after London where a new crew took over. We were standing by to commercial to New York on Canada Airand we were lucky to get on board all of us. We arrived in New York City late evening, had some supper and went home. I am terribly tired but I still think it is a lot of fun!


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