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ONA Vietnam Collection - will come true with your assistance only!

To contribute to the second largest Vietnam Archives in the US, fill in below form and send via email to Laura Calkins

Send below questionnaire to Laura Calkins OR contact her via her email Laura Calkins (laura.calkins@ttu.edu) - and she will send you a form. Laura Calkins will then call you on the phone to conduct the interview!

Civilian Airline Employee Questionnaire
About the forms: the ones on our website were created with combat veterans in mind. As you will see if you find the forms on our website, most of the questions do not reflect your experiences or those of the flight crews. I made up a new and special questionnaire for ONA people, which has questions more targeted to your experiences. I have called it “Civilian Airline Employee Questionnaire.” I can email this form, along with our standard “Biographical Data Questionnaire” to any one from ONA who is interested who can receive such attachments.

1. Name
2. Street Address
3. City, State, Country, Postal Code
4. Telephone
5. Email Address
6. Date/Place of Birth
7. Parents’ Names
8. Birthplace of Maternal Grandparents
9. Birthplace of Paternal Grandparents
10. Mother’s Birthplace
11. Father’s Birthplace
12. Mother’s Education and Employment
13. Father’s Education and Employment
14. Where did you grow up?
15. How many siblings did/do you have?
16. General description of your childhood
17. What jobs did you have in your youth?
18. How would you categorize your family’s socio-economic status?
19. What is your educational background?
20. What is your current occupation?
21. What is your marital status?
22. Do you have any children?

1. Name (If your name was different when you were flying to Vietnam, please give both)
2. Street Addres
3. City, State, Country, Postal Code
4. Telephone
5. Email Address
6. Agency/Corporation for which you worked when you flew in/out of Vietnam or Southeast Asia, and dates of employment
7. What other flying experience have you had in your career (please give positions and dates)?
8. Reasons you flew to/from Vietnam and Southeast Asia (pay, benefits, friends, interests)?
9. What non-airline career experience have you had (please give dates and places)?
10. Job/Position when you flew to Southeast Asia/Vietnam?
11. Please describe the work you did while flying in/out of Southeast Asia/Vietnam. 12. Aircraft and any special equipment you used or worked on (airline, type of aircraft, configuration):
13. Countries in Southeast Asia which you served or visited (air bases, dates, and places)
14. Notable events that you witnessed (were you in Vietnam at Tet? Did you see a coup, riot, firefight, attack?)
15. Please give the dates and locations of any rest periods or vacations you took in East or Southeast Asia. What did you do for fun?
16. Did you live in Southeast Asia or Vietnam, even for a short period? If so, when and where? Where did you stay during stopovers?
17. Did you work with or meet Vietnamese, Lao, Cambodian, Thai or other Asian people? Who and When?
18. What was the most humorous incident you recall from your days flying in and out of Southeast Asia/Vietnam?
19. Did you see, meet, or work with any VIPs, performers (singers, movie stars, etc) or politicians during this time?
20. What is the most memorable or poignant recollection you have about US servicemen during this time?
21. Do you have any documents or materials related to this period – photographs, films, diaries, journal, memorabilia – that you would consider donating to the Vietnam Archive? The Archive particularly values original photos and films, and if you donate original images here, we will gladly place a digital copy of your images onto a CD and mail it to you for you to keep.

Presentation of Dr. Laura Calkins My name is Dr. Laura Calkins, and I am writing on behalf of the Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University in Lubbock TX. We recently learned from Lee Waters that you were among the many civilian flight and cabin crews who flew US troops and civilians to and from tours of duty in Vietnam during the wartime era. We would be very, very interested in speaking with you about your recollections of that experience, and I would like to invite you to become a participant in the Vietnam Archive’s Oral History Project. I hope that you will not mind me giving you a bit of information about who we are and what we do. The Vietnam Archive is part of the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech University, and is the largest repository of Vietnam War-related materials in the United States, outside of the US National Archives. The mission of the Vietnam Archive is to collect and preserve all kinds of records - written, oral, digital, audio, visual, and material - on the Wars in Southeast Asia. We welcome, and in fact as a matter of historical accuracy we insist upon, the inclusion of ALL perspectives on the War and its aftermath. We include every opinion and do not exclude any one or any materials from our collections. Our priority is to function in an agenda-free, unbiased atmosphere; to do any differently would be to distort history. I would also like to mention that since Texas Tech University is a non-profit public institution, the Vietnam Archive does not solicit money from any organization or individual. One unique element of the Texas Tech University initiative is "The Virtual Vietnam Archive." This is essentially our Vietnam Archive placed on the World Wide Web, where it can be freely accessed by veterans, scholars, and members of the public alike. Our website is www.vietnam.ttu.edu, THE VIETNAM ARCHIVE. I hope you will take the opportunity to examine what we are doing here at Texas Tech for the preservation of the history of the War.

Says Laura Calkins: We do have a lot of material on the website, and we add 5000-6000 pages per week! It is a big operation. However, to be truthful, I must say that we do not have much at all on civilian air crews flying troops in and out of Vietnam – this is a problem for us, and you are so generous to help us solve it by contacting ONA crew people! I really very much hope that several of your friends and co-workers from ONA will join in the effort to document their part of a big war- it was not just the US and the Vietnamese, of course, but also Australians, New Zealanders, Thais, South Koreans, Filipinos, and others who were involved. Your contribution means a great deal to us, and will mean more and more as the years go by and people seeks answers about the War here at the Vietnam Archive.