May 3, 2013 - Hi Everybody:
A spooky coincidence: In 1968 on a secret mission in Laos Green Beret Sergeant 
John Richardson went Missing In Action, (MIA); it was assumed he was killed. 
Forty-four years later a Canadian movie maker discovered Sgt. Richardson in 
an up-country remote village. He was suffering dementia and spoke in the native 
dialect. His English was broken, but he did remember he was born in Alabama and 
was once in the Army. He had a native wife and children and wanted to remain in 
the village. My fiction novel, Keeper of the Secrets, tells a tale of  MIAs 
abandoned by our Government for various political and financial reasons. The above 
would certainly make an interesting true-story footnote to the novel.

Good News: You may now order Keeper of the Secrets and Sailin' South from your local bookstore in paperback! (I checked with my store and they had both available. For-sure Barnes & Noble carries them.)

For those of you with an eReader all five books; Keeper of the Secrets, Sailin' South, Maverick Pilot, Volumes I, II, & III, can be ordered and downloaded with any device you own; iPad, Nook, iTunes, kindle -- whatever. Or, you may go directly through, as well as Smashwords I'm still keeping the price low to attract more readership. Tell a friend. All the best, Dave Case


An expanding airline in America was looking for pilots to fly their jets; I was fortunate
to be included in one of their early classes. This not only qualified me in jets, but it
gave me worldwide experience; I was living the dreams of my childhood. Building a boat,
sailing the Pacific, fighting storms, enjoying the company of strangers were brief
interludes to flying the world. >>READ MORE

America´s Favorite Adventure Story Teller


I liked the DC-8 best and wound up
my career with over 12,000 hours in
command. Why? Four engines, two pilots,
one professional engineer and eight
flight attendants. And Douglas made her.


A boy dreams of flying. He's sickly,
poor, an outsider - still he dreams.
A summer job at an airport leads to
flying lessons. Shortly thereafter
he's smuggling lobster off Mexican
beaches in an old surplus airplane.
Later, it's the Congo and a revolution.

A three volume memoir

Maverick Pilot is a memoir in three volumes 
covering forty-four years from 1951 through 
1995. From learning to fly in small planes, 
to smuggling, fighting in wars, flying big 
jets, to running an airline, it’s all there. 
What I lacked in connections, education, 
money and health, I made up for with luck, 
naďveté, talent, and old-fashioned chutzpah. 

I was too dumb to realize I was supposed to 

Volume One, 1951 to 1967, Minnow to Mercenary, 
tells of learning to fly, dealing with an 
engine failure, smuggling seafood off beaches 
in Mexico and going to jail, flying corporate, 
fighting in the Congo, timber spraying, 
getting shot at in Laos, and Vietnam with 
Continental Air Service. 

Maverick Pilot, Vol I, Minnow to Mercenary,

is selling well and still only 99˘ on Kindle.
I contacted a company to re-format the manuscript
so it flows better and is presented in a more
professional manner; the text and photos remains
the same.

Maverick Pilot, Vol II, Props to Jets,

is available for download on – Kindle.
This takes the reader from flying a C-47 in Hong Kong,
to Marrying the most beautiful girl in the
world, to mastering the art of commanding jets
around the world.

Maverick Pilot, Vol III, Freight Dog to Freelance,

should be out around the middle of June. That will
complete the trilogy on my flying career.
With a flight bag, suitcase, and credit card I traveled
the world in search of the next contract. The years
were good; Desert Storm the last war. A kick-ass
great run; check it out.

Sailin’ South

is doing well as an eBook and
still selling as a paperback; I can’t believe it!

Keeper of the Secrets,

the new novel, will hopefully will be on Kindle by the
end of July. It’s a story about MIAs in Laos with a
lot of action, adventure, and Government intrigue.

I do want to thank everyone for being so kind with
your comments and responding to my introduction to
eBook publishing, I’m truly amazed by your interest.
Please spread the word to your friends and write a


Captain David Case, pilot, sailor, mercenary,
adventurer, a man for all seasons, who has
chased the sun and gamboled among the stars in
most of the oft-time perilous nooks and crannies
of the world, a thrilling life together with
wife Vicki!
“You can do anything you set your mind to,”
has been his personal mantra during a life
of adrenaline-pumping excitement.

Review - "Dreaming of sailing the Pacific?
Planning your trip and want some great pointers?
A seadog that would love to relive the adventure?
Then this book is definitely for you!" -Richard Wren, Mariner

“Rich or poor, high life or low - it doesn’t
matter as long as you’re not bored - go for it,”
is the advice he offers those who choose to
follow. Join him with his wife Vickie, as they
explore the Pacific in Quark, their 29' sailboat.


July 2012

A young man, Justin Neale, called
to say he had rescued our sailboat,
Quark, for four years of sitting
neglected in a boat storage yard.

Painting by Captain Ron Hart, 1975


A thrilling novel about MIAs in Laos.
On the bookshelves June 2012!

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